Learn Magic (REAL magic) the Stupid.. er Fast Way

So you want to learn magic?
Maybe you are curious. Maybe you have a problem and you're trying to find a magic solution.

When it comes to real magic, you are going to find what you are looking for:

  • If you want to debunk magic, you will.
  • If you want to utilize magic for your personal benefit, you will.
  • If you want to find something to laugh at, you will.
  • If you want to find something to change your life, you will.

This site is a tool set.  My experiences and other people's magic experiences chronicled and shared to help you learn magic without ego or politics.  

  • I say without ego not because I'm humble... I'm not.  I say without ego because I don't care what you take from this.  
  • I say without politics because you can learn plenty while avoiding interpersonal interaction if you choose.  

If I have something to share I do.  

You aren't going to find some hidden fantasy world by clicking inside and "learning the secrets." Real Magic doesn't work that way.  Where-as technology is applied science, Real Magic is applied faith.  On top of study, to learn magic you need to build your faith. 

A Warning:
A good teacher will give you lots of warnings and help you have a safe environment to learn anything dangerous.  If you are basing your magic study on books and websites, you don't have someone warning you about the mistakes you're going to make...  and you WILL make mistakes while practicing magic.

This site teaches you how to screw up your life.  This stuff is very neat.  It's fun, amazing and flat out magical... literally.  However, Magic is REAL and has real consequences.  Think carefully of the consequences of what you do because whether or not you WANT to deal with them, you will have to.

Unlike scientific things it is hard to see what the consequences will be.  
I might be able to congenially summon a demon without a circle, make a deal to give specific favors in trade for a re-adjustment of circumstances and we each go our ways.  If you did the EXACT same thing you might wake up 2 weeks later in Mexico.  

Science is based on simpifying things into repeatable consequences.  X if something, Y if not. Magic is Wholistic.  EVERYTHING matters. While you can personally experiment, your experiments won't really help other people except to give them ideas of what MIGHT happen.

Know Yourself as you Learn Magic

Know where you are.  Understand what you can do and what you can't do.  Accept your weaknesses and your strengths.   Grow reasonably.  For example, if you've never done trance possession start in a well designed and setup group instead of opening up to Papa Gede while alone.

I DO NOT warn you nearly enough in these articles.  I make things we have done sound easy.  However to a Professional Race Driver taking a track at 220 is easy... I'd be lucky not to spin out taking it at 130.  Start where you are instead of where I am.  

Good luck and have Fun.  

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