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Believe it or not I haven't totally disappeared.  There are a couple nearly complete articles in the queue, but I have been mostly writing on my Ifa tradition as well as topics I don't feel fit PBW.  Most of my time has been spent with my other projects Online Accounting CPE, Engineering Continuing Education PDH, SEO Webdesign Reno and Witchcraft Spells and Supplies.

Power Before Wisdom got some updates today:

  • Removed FB Connect Plugin: I removed an old plugin for facebook connect which I noticed was rather irritating.
  • Added Share Buttons: That nifty side bar :-)
  • Added Flattr: Flattr is a VERY cool donation system.   Basically you budget a certain amount per month that you'll give out in donations (min $3).  Whever you find a site you like you click their flattr button to give them a share of that.   At the end of the month the money is split among all of the share holders.  So... if you join and click my flattr button it would be a cool little donation.  It would be even cooler if you clicked it again to "subscribe" ;-)      I've already found 3 sites I regularly read that I've flattr'd today.
  • Added Syndicoin: Syndicoin is another donation system.  It is a little odd.  Basically a site operator asks for a certain amount per page.  Whenever you feel like it you go to the syndicoin page, delete the charges you disagree with and then pay the rest.   I've asked for your $.02 with each page.  If you ever go to syndicoin you can see how many pages you viewed and how much it would be worth at $.02 per page ;-)
  • Added SEO Plugin: This one was a challenge, but PBW lost about 60% of its monthly readers when I updated the website to the new software and didn't re-install the updated plugin.   Hopefully this will lead to some more activity in the forums.  ;-)

That's it for now.   I'm going to see about quickly posting one of the "mostly finished" articles in the next few days.  :-)

When I started writing Power Before Wisdom I wanted to find/build a community of magically active persons delving toward greater skill and understanding of metaphysics.   I wanted to see if there was a Modern Western Way to find Siddhi.  As the “about” says, I wanted to help create a more magickal world.

About 9 months ago I realized that I wanted Magick less than Power.  Power to accomplish my dreams, and I have a lot of dreams.  To achieve them I will need health, beauty, allies, wealth and influence.  My metaphysical practices give me tools and guidance on achieving these more effectively than many people do, however as long as my metaphysical practices are the priority I will be misspending my resources.

Divination, dealing with spirits, practicing psychic skills and practicing magick are very time consuming.  The Return on Investment of confidence of what’s next, understanding ones purpose, and just having a really interesting perspective that allows you to understand life events more fully are VERY worthwhile…

…At the same time it became clear that there were more effective ways to reach toward my dreams.


Why Teaching Metaphysics doesn’t align with the Power I seek
Magick is enough of a personal practice that while you can teach the same basics over and over again to wide eyed people who’ve never heard of invocation, the deeper understandings require a life sacrifice… not physical death, but a willingness to sacrifice the life you knew for a life you may obtain.

Very few people will choose to make this sacrifice willingly.  Those few who do, usually find themselves regretting it (for a while).   I reference “The Dark Night of the Soul” to explain this period of mourning and regret for the sacrificed life while fearing the future.

The result as a Metaphysical Teacher is that 90% of people will come to you, take a lot of time and energy to learn what they should do and then quit since they are unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices.  Those 90% will usually dislike you and avoid you for years since you represent their weakness and unwillingness to change what they don’t like.

The 10% that continue, usually make a few major changes and then disappear from your life as they come to terms with their new experiences (often blaming you).  About half of those people return to your life at some point, clearly happier with their current situation.  Sometimes they recognize and appreciate your efforts… and sometimes they seem to be trying to rub your face in their success as if you were some sort of foe that they defeated.

Perhaps since you were the one to help them see the challenges you come to represent them.

One way or another, when true growth happens, eventually the persons you were working with recognize that they don’t need the relationship with you as it was.  Sometimes they remain friends and sometimes they move on with their lives.

-EDIT- I was just thinking about it and realizing how much that pattern is reminiscent of parenting.  Now I understand the cliché “my child” statement Spiritual “Elders” use throughout cultures. –EDIT-

While this is an excellent path for someone who wants to touch a lot of persons lives deeply, this is NOT a good path for a person who wants to build Material and Social Power.  Most metaphysical teachers who obtain wealth do so through getting paid (sometimes absurd amounts of money) to teach the same basics over and over OR through helping that one excellent person who obtains Political and Social Wealth and shows appreciation by providing opportunities to their old teacher.

So you’re quitting?

Not quite.  I’m reprioritizing.   I have been working on my body, building 3 separate businesses to profit, building relationship with the movers and shakers in my area and generally living the political and business climber cliché.

Moving forward the VAST majority of my efforts will be toward my goals and dreams... and PBW is a very low priority.   The tracking tool shows that thousands of people benefit from reading PBW every month so will keep the site up.  Every once in a while I will probably share something cool and interesting that I just HAVE to tell SOMEONE or even something that just says “write me”.  Maybe a few times per year.

So, only a few posts per year?

Actually… I’m pondering a fundamental shift for this Site.   While I kept everything very Metaphysical / Magickally focused in the past, I’m contemplating expanding the site toward a greater discussion of the process of obtaining power in its many different forms (both metaphysical and “mundane”).

While this sounds interesting and could have some excellent material, I see two major challenges.  First, due to my new focus, much of the material I might want to go over may be too personal to share as I encounter it.  I may have to delay months or years to post thoughts and a discussion of a specific experience.  Secondly I am not sure if I am willing to put in the time/effort to make the format change let alone post much content.

Regardless it will probably be uncommon for me to write more than a post or two per quarter.

Why didn’t you respond to my emailed question?

I’ve become cynical.  Your question may take me over an hour to respond to.  You aren’t paying me and as I just explained, 9 out of 10 times you will ignore my input.  That feels like wasted time to me.

Now a forum post might get seen by thousands of people. If you posted your question on the Forum I might be willing to spend that hour responding because I believe that a couple percent of those thousands will benefit by reading my input.

I will be glad to answer your emailed question IF:

  1. Your question isn’t answered somewhere else on this site
  2. A forum is the wrong venue
  3. Your question attracts my attention because the discussion may have some benefit to myself or my loved ones.

Unfortunately even my “Altruism” has gotten results oriented.

Of course… If you are willing to pay me $60 in consulting fees for 1 hour of time I’ll gladly go over your situation regardless (Although I'd recommend a phone call at that point). 


Thank you for being part of my Journey toward realizing healthy motivations and priorities in my life.

Power Before Wisdom 

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Additionally, while I am honored that you are using my content in a book, the majority of the content must be your own.  Otherwise let's talk royalties.  ;-)


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