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I have started over 20 businesses over the years.  13 failed before their first year.  3 lasted a few years before I gave them up.  One is on the back burner idle. 3 are still running, and because of two of them I am semi-retired at 35.

Some businesses were manufacturing.  Some were Sales/Advertising.  Some were Technology. Some were Service. Each business taught me something.

At this point I have enough experience to know and avoid the most common Small Business pitfalls.  My experience allows me to recognize the things that will make a business succeed. It has also given me a lot of tools to overcome roadblocks.

The last 4 businesses I looked into didn't even get past the early planning stages because I was able to recognize fundamental problems early on that I didn't care to find ways to overcome.  That willingness to overcome is what makes a successful business, but us old timers tend toward an "aww fuck it, let the young and hungry do that" perspective.

Over the years as a Computer, Network and Website Technician, one of my favorite things to do was to analyse and improve business processes to help a company succeed.  I don't like the 6am phone calls from a desperate company to get the network up and running again, but I LOVE the meetings where we identify how to change technology or business practices to increase profits.

If you have a small business and the numbers aren't working, give me a call.  I will talk with you about your business and we'll explore changes in products, services, technology, advertising and business practices to get the numbers working again.

If you are thinking about opening a business, save yourself months and thousands of dollars by calling to put your idea through the ringer before we brainstorm solutions.  When we first start a business it's tempting to be in love with it and ignore the warning signs.  You can reach success far faster by having an outside perspective who can help you find success with the right offering, in the right time, in the right way.

Good business consulting recharges me and brings me joy so I offer it at 50% off.  I only charge $50/hr, and I will accept payments with 20% down.

If I love your business idea and believe in your team I may even be interested in investing with time, money, computer/network/website services, Adwords and/or SEO.


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