Custom Spellwork

My practice has reached a point where I am willing to custom spellwork.  I can design you a spell for just about anything (reasonable to our skill and culture), but I will only perform spells which align with my morals.  If the spell you want designed goes against my morals, I will tell you that and while I will still design it, you will have to perform the spell yourself.

My Process:

  1. You pay $100 Custom Spellwork Fee.  This includes 1 hour of spell design and performance.
  2. You call me with your problem.  I will ask if you want me to design a spell for you or to cast it for you.
  3. I think on it and perform divination concerning effective spellwork.  
  4. I propose the spell(s) alongside what I learned through divination and provide an estimate.
  5. If you accept the estimate and want to move forward we do.  If you ask for a change I will work with you to adjust the spell and re-divine for success.
  6. If you are having me perform part/all of the spell I will do so. At the end, I will check if the Spell is completed successfully using Divination.  If there are unexpected challenges/work I will stay in contact so you can confirm them. 
  7. At this point the remainder of the estimated cost will become due unless we agreed to payment terms during the estimate.  If you did not ask for terms and want them after the work is done there will be a $50 fee for dishonesty added to your total.

The Fine Print:

  • - While you have a license to use and share any spell I write for you, I retain the copyright.
  • - I require an oath of secrecy concerning the details of any spell I perform for you.  While you may tell anyone that you hired me and share praise/complaints, you need to keep specific details of the spellwork private to yourself, your trusted family and your closest trusted friends.  This prevents you from interfering with the spell by sharing too much.
  • - Don't lie or abuse the intent of this... Things will go badly for you, and I probably won't even know why.


Spells I have designed/performed successfully before:

  • - Purification Spells
  • - Relationship Spells
  • - Healing Spells
  • - Removing Curses
  • - Binding Spells
  • - Money Spells
  • - Manifestation Spells
  • - Banishing Spells
  • - Overcoming Addiction Spells
  • - Transformation Spells


Pay the $100 Custom Spellwork Fee or Contact Me to get Started

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