Things are Going great in my Absence Update 1

When I started reading the book I was rather un-impressed.   There were a lot of promises, A lot of talk about how the book was only the first step and how steps 2 and 3 were hands on (which was one of the best ways to do this), warnings to not mix modalities and to stop all energy work to avoid slowdown (!WHAT I'm a MAGE teaching magic!  I can't stop?!!), Warnings to not take everything too fast and then she started talking about her divine experience.  I won't repost because it was one of those experiences that seems stupid unless spirit is involved... and clearly it was.  She repeatedly went over the method she learned to open up... it took me a while to realize she was drilling it into her readers head.  While skeptical I was open minded and fully involved in the reading.  Soon I came to a point with a warning that this was the first Divine Opening Initiation.  My first thought was again skepticism, but I had an open mind and followed instructions.  Look at the picture, absorb it and then go rest for 15+ minutes.

I followed instructions.  The picture didn't seem amazing in any way shape or form, but I opened up and attempted to Grok it.  After 2 minutes of looking at it I went and laid down to nap/rest.  

Though my reading I had been worrying about the implications of spending time focusing on Manifestation when I am still getting my MAGIC focused blog off the ground.  I was worrying about whether I was willing to risk putting a lot of effort into something (this blog) only to grow away from it.  As I laid down, it suddenly clarified that It would be OK to do magic outside me and that I could Blog about THIS experience too.  Then I started floating on thoughts of what I want, because I could have anything.  I started thinking about the wishlist and one of the things that occurred was that I wanted a fulfilling sex life and suddenly the idea just shattered.  I don't yearn for a fulfilling sex life; sure sex is fun, but I want fulfillment period.  I know there were a lot of ideas and thoughts I went over as well... Unfortunately she warned that most of your "old" life becomes very quickly forgotten and while I was working to mentally record for better details she told the truth.  I know there were things that I considered very important, but I forget them now.  Eventually I drifted off when all of a sudden it was like from my heart Chakra a white supernova went off.  A HUGE explosion of calm white light of such intensity that whether is was physical or not I was blinded for a bit.  When I became more used to it, I perceived my Etheric body as being intensely bright and white.  It was like my heart Chakra was pulsing white light to the rest of me and as I merely looked around my body, it pulsed with intensity wherever I was looking succh that that every little bit of my Etheric Body was filled with intense bright white light.  I took extra care to avoid actually moving anything with purpose deciding I would DEFINITELY follow the rules.

I remember thinking it would be a shame to lose this after the moment passed when I realized I didn't have to end.  Over the next few minutes it was like I became used to the light.  Rather than feeling like the light dimmed, I became aware of the idea that I had accepted and become used to the light.

I came out of the room and dealt with a few things that needed dealing with (dog, daughter, work) it was interesting to me how emotions were flying around.  One second I'd be joyful, another nostalgic or depressed.   I decided to read on.  During this part she actually spoke of this exact process and how we need to be fully in our emotions in order to allow them to release into higher vibration.  Considering I was still on the "light high" I found myself very intimitely following the words.  

I've lived my life promising that I would avoid regrets.   I only have a couple and one that I'm really ashamed of.  In the process of this, I experienced the shame of that experience and literally felt it climbing up from my stomach, to my heart, throat and into my head and the emotions went from shame, to accepting that I liked doing what I did, to accepting my shame of liking it... and so on.   It is a complex subject and the emotions were equally complex.

At this point I am highly impressed with this book.  I fully intend to finish the process and my wife is currently sleeping off her first "Divine Energy shot".

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