Things are Going Great in my Absence Update 3

A major component of the teachings shared here is living from and in heart and spirit.   It has been amazing what I have seen from this position. At one point she speaks of how Source/God/Goddess will speak to us as we are ready to listen and points out that we CAN have a personal relationship with a friendly, loving God with all the attributes we yearn for.   It's not a case of going to look for one of the "Premade Templates" to see which ones we like the most.  Merely accept that we can listen to Spirit as we want to.

The book is very aptly named. Manifestation has been powerful and fast lately.   She points out in the book that all we need to do is ask and feel our desire with a clear heart and spirit responds.  Utter simplicity.  Last Wednesday in a coaching session it was pointed out that I should ask for new help with my card game.   I opened up and requested it.  6 hours later I received a call from someone I asked for help a month ago.  I had assumed he had placed my request on a large pile of similar ones and ignored it.  To my amazement he said that he had spoken with Game Publishers, that they had seen the game and had even done focus group testing.  He asked for a meeting to go over some of their requests for changes.  At the meeting I learned that there are 5 interested Companies.   I learned that, because they are looking at spending $1 Million plus in Art, Editing, Print and Marketing Costs, there are some changes that they wanted.  As we went down the wish list it was amazing how perfectly it corresponded to my planned change list.   This has taken my current actions for the project in a completely different direction.   The highest priority is Beta Testing and due to connections I have 20,000 beta testers just waiting for an email with a chance to play.   Two years ago we looked into an online play version of the game and found that it would be a LOT of work to make it happen.  I followed up with the old information as this is a direction we need to research and found no movement at all.  So I felt my need and again within mere hours found a new program that is in late Beta now.  It is designed to make it simple for games like mine to be plugged in and played.   The similarity is so close that their requested data format for cards is EXACTLY how we are currently storing the card data!

My money problems have amazingly shrunk.  I have felt amazing peace that "things were going to be fine," and the universe has been taking are of it and it has.  I have had consistent work which has empowered me to pay my bills.  Just today I modified my "can I have my bills paid" request to "Could I have my bills paid and a few hundred dollars in the bank account."   Soon thereafter I had an emergency call from a client who needed about 3 hours of work done (paying for my trip to Pantheacon!).  As I was working he asked me aside and requested about $15,000 dollars worth of work!

I have also had money just drop into my lap.  From an associate who wants to bring multiple hosting clients (pure money) to literal gifts out of the blue. Additionally I have had unhealthy relationships just end or experience amazing transformations.  One of the key moments was a large argument between my girlfriend and myself where she perceived my beliefs as hurting her.  I ended up having to leave to take care of a client, but along the way I opened up and asked for help.  Within 15 minutes I just "received" understanding of certain misunderstandings I had held and she called me to apologize because she had suddenly understood how her old beliefs were hurting her and could be changed.   I am amazingly happy that I have a partner taking this journey with me!

If you notice, my step by step experiences went away.  It just became apparent that my experiences were becoming too personal, too specific to my history and my state at the time to be able to make sense writing about.   Lola warns about this on her website, saying that you shouldn't try to listen to other people's experiences to see what will happen to you.  However, hopefully by showing my before, during (as much as I can) and after over the next few months/years, this blog will help you see the changes in mind state, spirit and general life situation.  

I expect over the next few weeks I will share more of the AHA moments I experienced.  I hope it will help you determine if this is a tool you might be interested in utilizing on your personal journey!

Power Before Wisdom


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