Scientific Evidence of Conceptual Momentum?

I just enountered Rupert Sheldrakes banned TedX video.  I very much enjoyed the video and was thinking... "FUCK YEAH.  Like a lot of mages and Priests I've been arguing that conscious decision is currently in the process of co-creating reality for a while now, but I didn't have any evidence.   This guy has evidence!"
Of course my second thought was: "Lets check him out?  Real science or BS?  I'm not going to share this if he's a quack."

So I researched his books as well as scientific community responses to them, and I found a healthy debate.  While many many people disagreed with him or weren't willing to engage in discussion, when people came forward to dispute his claims he cited evidence and it was commonly the people arguing AGAINST him who tried to present flawed evidence.

I'm not saying this guy is solid.  I haven't researched him enough, but his video agrees with my teachings, says them very well and my early research is promising.   Please check him out, investigate his research and claims and comment!

If this stands up, this is actual evidence of my claims for why and how magick works!

If not... whatever.  It's still cool.  :-)


Be Powerful,

Awo Fa'gbemiro


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Conceptual Momentum (Subscribers Only) (2)

Imagine you are floating in a huge ocean current going 95 miles an hour. We'll call this current the conceptual momentum for Gravity. Now imagine that you decide to swim against the current. The fastest swimmer in the world is able to swim 5 miles per hour. Realistically (without tools) you will never be able to swim against the current. (sorry, while I have theories, I have never learned to fly although I've learned some interesting tricks about falling)


Will vs Physics

Science and physics are obviously true. We have measured them consistently and you can't argue with success! In other words (because I can't help myself)......Thermodynamics isn't just a good idea; it's the law. ;-)

If you don't understand physics and chemistry, I strongly recommend you study them. If you are going to try to “bend” rules, it is a good idea to understand them first.

Unfortunately there comes a point where I start to question some assumptions that I


Internal Vs External Magick

When contemplating changing things with magic we always think about the external. One of the things we need to keep in mind though, is an old saying: “Push where you are strong.” Sure... sometimes we find ourselves in a place where a small push from us can cause a huge effect. However, this isn't because our effort was huge, but because the effort changed the balance of a situation in a positive feedback loop, and that loop exhibited large effects. This is like moving a rock so it rolls

Fundamentals of Magick

The organization of this website forms the Power Before Wisdom Training Series.  Each Article will build on previously taught material to support deeper understandings and ability to practice the concepts shared.    The exercises cover ways to learn, experience and regularly practice the concepts in the articles to improve your day to day life.  The first book 

The first book 


Learn Magick (REAL magic) the Dangerous Way

Welcome, in 2006 I started sharing my experiences hoping to attract opportunities to learn deeper magicks than the ones I’d encountered. It worked! I continued journeying, and along the way I kept writing. At this point Power Before Wisdom has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn magick.

This site is a tool set. Magic experiences chronicled and shared to open the door to all of the crazy magicks that you’ve been told don’t exist and yet you have known deep within really DO.


The What, Why and Hows of Practicing and Crafting Ceremonial Magick Spells

A few years ago I transitioned from a South American tradition (Umbanda) practiced in a very freeform style into an African tradition (Ifa) that was amazingly big on ceremony.  Ifa had ceremonies for cooking special meals, ceremonies for greeting, even ceremonies for getting ceremonial homework (Ebo)!

When I first encountered Ifa, I was astounded by the power of the tradition.  I jumped wholeheartedly into the ceremonies and the AMAZING amount of work involved in the


Drugs? Pshaw! I use "Magickal" Pain Relief.

There are a lot of ways to change our mind states.  We Americans love our drugs... caffeine, alcohol, pot, Vicodin, Asprin, Ritalin and so many more.  Most of us have our drugs of choice.  Over time, I’m going to present other ways of experiencing the same effects we get from our drugs.  I’m intend this will become a whole set of Articles with more and more techniques offered to help us “replace” our external dependencies.  If you have a technique that I haven’t


Magick, Manifestation and your Core Issues

Magic vs Manifestation. There is no question whatsoever which is more powerful.

Magic is work. If we were making pizza it's the ability to earn money, go to the store, buy the ingredients, carry them home, make the pizza, cook it, slice it and then eat it in new and creative ways.

Manifestation is using the check card tied to a trust fund with no limit that God/Goddess gave each of us to order the pizza exactly as you want to enjoy eating it.

If manifestation is so


Divination using Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing is a system of divining answers based on the idea that we subconsciously know truth even if we personally don’t.Supposedly our strength massively decreases with negative or untruthful thoughts and this can be used to divine truth.Multiple Books have different versions of these