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The PBW Community

Currently there are only two "active" community resource beyond comments.

The Forums - There are actually a fair number of posts with a lot of questions and answers.

Member List - See who was recently active and connect with them


Coming Soon

Online Classes - Little by little they are getting closer.

Astral Projection Experiment Network - We have a team seeding different areas with goodies and are building the technology to experiment.

Video Classes - See Online Classes

Chat Room - Now that people can register again!  Perhaps when we start seeing more people online it will be worth it.  :-)


Future Dreams

The Unverified Personal Gnosis Voting System - We all have these wierd tidbits that spirit teaches us.  For example, we've learned that Odin likes Gold Schlager.  However, this isn't in lore.  Well fear no more.  Things become known lore by having lots and lots of verification.  The UPG voting system will allow people to share these wierd tidbits and verify them with each other.  After 100 confirmations a piece of UPG will become SPG (Shared Personal Gnosis) and after 1000 it will be recognized as CPG (Confirmed Personal Gnosis)!  


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