Sites and Blogs I Like:

The Power Path School of Shamanism
Lena and Jose Stevens are awesome and enlightening teachers.  Jose's views on healing have touched me deeply, and Lena's Monthly Forecast is so consistently valuable that Reno Magick often updates our monthly rituals based on the readings information.

Personal Development for Smart People
While I'm not sure I like who he has chosen to become lately, Steve Pavlina is still a major source of my inspiration.  I regularly use and recommend his techniques and blog to help with personal growth.  I even chose to become a blogger and designed a lot of my blog based on articles he wrote explaining how he earns 6 figures/mo from his blog without needing to be slimy.

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Constantly updating with new news on the forefront of Permaculture, Sustainability and Gardening I find the PRI Australia's updates a source of joyful inspiration of the good many of us are doing.

Reno Magick
The Magickal Group in Reno NV that I helped to found.

Kenaz Filan
One of the most open minded, talented and persuasive orthodox practitioners of Orisha/Lwa tradition I've ever seen, I've found his blog both a joy and a challenge to read.

A Witch's Day Blog
Amethyst has an interesting mind.  Her articles often get me pondering my views on many "minor" topics.  The kinds of things that make for a solid understanding of self.

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